Star Lovers

Bring excitement to your relationship

Compatibility - how you get on

Your Star Lovers compatibility reading describes the benefits of being together. The way you feel about each other and how to make a success of your relationship.

The 'closeness' of your love

This reading highlights your personal needs in a loving sexual relationship. Also, how well each of you sees and experiences the other.

Star Lovers reveals the exact connections between you. The 'closeness' of your love and the qualities you both seek in a lover.

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The strength of your relationship

People with certain qualities attract you. You are most likely to find true happiness with a person who combines a variety of qualities. Relationship ups and downs occur in marriage partners and other close, one-to-one relationships.

Love affairs shift to a long term partnership. When they do the emphasis of the relationship changes, and we look at this in detail.

Sexual relationship needs

With any relationship, you have to come to terms with your sexual compatibility. Star Lovers reading defines the quality of sexual chemistry between you.

We are here to help. You can update the birth details anytime if you make a mistake or find more accurate details.

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Star Lovers

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Meet the Author

John Hayes

John Hayes is a consultant with the British Astrological and Psychic Society (BAPS) and a registered Healer. Previously he's studied at the Faculty of Astrological Studies and currently resides in Japan. His exciting and revealing Star Lovers interpretation report helps couples to attain a far greater understanding about the relationship they share together. This enlightening reading shows the relationship from each partners perspective. If you want to improve or make a success of your relationship, Star Lovers should not be missed.